Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood by John Darkow

This cartoon is playing off of the little red riding hood fairy tale. I think that it is a cleaver cartoon. It shows the wolf holding a gun that is smoking and little red riding hood dead on the ground. The police officers say that “he claims she was skipping around in a threatening way carrying a suspicious package and wearing a hoodie”. This is amusing somewhat to the viewer because everyone knows the tale of little red riding hood, and she is portrayed as an innocent little girl. Little red riding hood is delivering food to her sick grandmother and is very young. The wolf eats her grandmother and tried to eat the little girl as well but in the end the little girl out smarts the wolf and defeats him. In this cartoon little red riding hood is said to be intimidating and the wolf is implying he felt threatened by her and that’s why he killed her. That is absurd. Little red riding hood is an innocent little girl. The wolf is saying that the most innocent girl looks suspicious for doing normal things, like skipping and wearing a hoodie. This is a political cartoon because it is showing how someone is claiming little red riding hood is dangerous on nonsense accusations. Because someone is wearing a hoodie it doesn’t make them a gangster or dangerous… hoodies are worne by many people and just because she was carrying a “package” it doesn’t make her dangerous either. I liked this cartoon and I think that it was very clever.

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